How kickboxing weight loss?

Kickboxing originated in the United States. Due to the desire to compete in many different traditional schools concluded that you need to create common rules for fights in the ring. Kickboxing is really a way of fighting that contains the fastest and the most effective fighting techniques with one opponent.


kickboxing On average, lasts an hour and a half. Consists of fairly intensive warm-up and stretching. The most important element is the science kicks and punches-practiced them on bags or in pairs (you need your own strap-on hands and gloves). On training just be wearing a long, fairly loose trousers. kickboxing weight loss during exercise will help you improve your efficiency and fine motor skills, and gain confidence. Activities bring you great satisfaction with the rapid progress, because due to the limited number of techniques already after a few months if their basic range. Cardio, functional or crossfit is the last the most popular forms of exercise. If you tired of traditional exercises, try a workout with elements of Kickboxing. This form of activity is more and more followers. The exercises involve almost all parts of the body, and the intense movement helps to shed a few pounds in a short period of time.

Kickboxing training requires adequate physical and mental. Important is the strength and musculature of the body, and even more important is the speed, the ability to focus on one point and strength. Combat sport can enjoy each, but not all have a psychological predisposition to it. Important is the determination and self-control, inner peace, and logical thinking. Learning kickboxing weight loss is grasping basic techniques, types of punches and kicks. In the sport of fighting a big difference also has liquid breathing. You should not stretch the muscles of the body, each blow must be connected to the exhaust. On my blog you will find a lot of topics about health and sports.

What is a kick boxing?

In Kickboxing hitting hands taken from boxing, and kicks her legs are already part of Eastern martial arts. This is a sport that puts training to injury, therefore requires the equipment in many items in order to reduce the risk of injuries, does not restrict the same movements. Top outfit while depends on the type of fight.

4 basic formulas in kick boxing

  • Semi contact-fight for the improvement of techniques, prohibit its ask strong punches, broken on the Board after each successful action. Dress: jackets with the sleeves up to halfway before.
  • Light contact-continuous fight to limit the contact on the Board, allowing only light blows, a form of indirection between semi and full contactem. Dress: short sleeve t-shirt, baggy pants down to the ankles, pas.
  • Full contact combat sport racing form-a form of continuous combat, based on full contact; hit box limited to face/torso, while the front of the belt line; the competition takes place in the ring, does not preclude the knockouts, is designed for players at the highest level.
  • Full-contact Kickboxing-extended version of full-contact formula at the permissible leg attack in the thigh (low kick), requiring the contestants a good motor coordination and a high pain threshold. Dress code: shorts to mid-thigh with elastic hem.

Better health and fitness

One of the most important reason why you want to get tired to workout is your health. With training on the training you will feel that you can exercise more and that was the beginning of hell for you, now is not unusual. Progress you can see every day in training and in everyday life.

In kickboxing weight loss sports usually advance from group to group. starting from beginners and move on to more advanced until at some point it’s time the first sparring. Even if you don’t care about being a fighter and you train purely recreationally. You’ll see the difference even when the same warm-up. Once it was something heavy and now it’s simply putting in the training. Not to mention the techniques that you will learn for every class, from learning step after boxing for example. stoppage.

Every day at work or school, you’ll feel better, back pain or arthritis are gone, your muscles will be stronger by ordinary operations will become simpler. A few good habits with the workouts will help you for example. with stretching the body after a day of sitting at a desk.

Lose weight and sculpting muscle

No need to cheat anyone pays attention to appearance. While on vacation, in the swimming pool or the sauna you will not have to be ashamed of and on the contrary, a good look at these times is the determinant of the status. I had never been given such attention to the external appearance as it is now.

Every year to write the new people who want “something to do” because they go holidays, are getting married, etc. , and so on. Apart from the fact that usually these people are longer than envisioned their “term” is the reason anyone is not surprising. Most people, who trains at the beginning of the dumps a few pounds and then gently increases muscle mass so that they have “muscled” appearance. This is because the excess fat is burned as one source of energy. Meanwhile, in the muscles, followed by anabolic process (grow), it ultimately gives the sculptured, sporty stance.

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