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How do boxers lose weight?

How do boxers lose weight?This is not an article about healthy nutrition and safe weight loss body. Rather, it is a look at how far moving athletes and scientists to gain an advantage over your opponent by manipulating the body weight.

Extreme manipulation of body weight can go wrong … very wrong. A lot of players the UFC has no idea how to beat the weight before weighing in the right way. Expose your health by doing stupid things like taking a lot of diuretics, does not drink any water, leaving meals and imposing garbage bags during exercise and being in the sauna. and generally being a fool.

Lose on fattening but at the same time lose much on their suitability.

With the help of Dr. Berardi and Martin Rooney I decided to take a different path with the weight without the loss of health.

I started from 190 pounds (86.18 kg) and i had a week (five days) to lose 20 pounds-9 kg.

Below I will present nutritional strategies that we used to get our goal-the same strategies uses Georges St. Pierre and other leading players of UFC before fighting.

Strategy to reduce water consumption

Rapid weight loss body is primarily the manipulation of water levels and sodium.

by providing such a large amount of water at the beginning, aldosterone mechanism-the hormone that is responsible for the regulation of water and mineral.

When a boxers lose weight suddenly will reduce the amount of fluid intake in the middle and at the end of the week, your body will still be scrubbing mode and the frequency of using the toilet still will be high even if not going to drink lots of water.

  1. Do not consume more than 50 g of carbohydrates per day
  2. Carbohydrates cause water retencje. 1 g carbohydrates stops 2, 7 g of water.
  3. This stategia also causes reductions in the level of glycogen in the muscles and allows the body to remain in leaching.
  4. Do not consume fruit, sugar (sucrose) and starch during the entire period the discharge weight.
  5. Eat with plenty of protein and fats.
  6. For this reason, that we avoid carbohydrates, we need to switch to an alternative source of energy. A good choice would be a high-quality animal products like meat and eggs.
  7. Do not eat salt.
  8. This allows to avoid stopping the sodium in the body to help in the washing water.
  9. Consider natural diuretics.
  10. This step is not always necessary. However, when there are problems with disposing of excess water on the last 2 days can be used for example. Dandelion root-dandelion root.

The most we sweat in a hot and humid environment. Such conditions allow for hot baths and sauna, especially as in the whole underwater… but nose. This is similar to how kickboxing weight loss.

In boxing or professional MMA, the player’s verification takes place about 24 hours before the start, giving you enough time to get rid of the vast amount of water from your body and then recover up to 10 pounds to the battle itself. In my article, however, I will focus on the situation where weighing takes place on the day of the competition and the treatments of extreme dehydration, are in appreciable way to reduce the efficiency of the player. If you are overweight, you need to reduce body fat for a few weeks before the competition. In the last week before the start you will not be able to lose more than 0.5 pounds of fat, which is why the loss of pounds, would be stemming mainly from the manipulation of the amount of water in the body. Your output weight should not differ by more than 3-4 kg from the starting weight, otherwise “weight-taking” will reflect your performance.

How do boxers lose weight? – Plan


We greatly increase the amount of water you drink I recommend a minimum of 6-8 litres of water per day. The body responds to such a strong hydration, continuous urination. It is important that you do not completely remove the salt from your diet during this period, because a large loss of sodium will cause your body to stop water. Leaching minerals are worth refilling eg. Asparginem (magnesium and potassium).

Three times a day drink a strong brew of nettle and fennel brew from nettle (a natural diuretic available in the pharmacy), semen urination. I do not recommend the use of potent diuretycznych drugs like furosemide as they can cause many serious side effects and weaken the rider. Replenishing liquids after going out of weight will be difficult, because the drug will still work diuretic. In preparation of the nettle brew we throw the fennel into the bag (a mild natural laxative available at the pharmacy) and drink until Friday inclusive. This treatment will help to get rid of the residual digestive content without the risk of causing diarrhoea. Do not use strong laxatives because it is easy here to call for diarrhea, whose boxers lose weight for the already dehydrated organism can be fatal.

Introducing a low-carbohydrate diet we consume about 30g per day included in pre-workout meal. Getting rid of the intestines of leftover food will allow us to lose an additional 2-3 kg of weight. For this purpose from Monday to Wednesday inclusive, all carbohydrates consumed from sources of wysokobłonnikowych (I recommend the Mountain Oatmeal and Bran Rye).We manufacture light whole-body strength training Workout based on the large number of series and repetition, completed 45-minute cardio session. Training can consist of exercises with the weight of your own body, and a form of cardio may be running. The purpose of this treatment is to get rid of a large amount of glycogen from muscle. I advise you to be based on the exercises that we do on a regular basis. Do not introduce new exercises, because they can cause a powerful “sour neck remedies”, lasting a few days.


  • Same as above without weight training. We make only 45 min of cardio
  • 6-8 litres of water per day (remember completing minerals!)
  • 3 times the infusion of nettles and fennel


We increase the caloric content of meals we rely on high density products heating and small volume (e.g., scrambled eggs with 3 eggs + 2 rice wafers, or 100 g roasted chicken chicken breasts and slice of bread with Nutella, scoop protein conditioner on the water with snickersem). Avoid dairy products, which are conducive to water storage.

  • 6-8 litres of water per day
  • 3 times the infusion of nettles and fennel
  • Repeat Monday strength training
  • We offer 45 min of cardio


  • How to diet on Wednesday
  • 6-8 litres of water per day
  • 3 times the infusion of nettles and fennel
  • We offer 45 min of cardio


  • How to diet on Wednesday
  • 1-2 litres of water per day
  • 3 times the infusion of nettles and fennel
  • We offer 45 min cardio (optional if you do not feel tired)
  • In the evening we leave the water, the infusion of nettles and fennel

On Friday morning we should have appropriate weight. If you’re missing 200-300 g, there was nothing to worry about. The amount of water we can wypocić immediately before weighing, without the risk of a reduction in capacity.

Saturday-race day

On Saturday morning we drink black coffee, which should cause a bowel movement within 20-30 min (and weight loss by about 200 g). Enter the weight and if we have plenty of, eat a good breakfast. If we kept the plan, and even though everything was still 200-300 g, we use a fellmongery. On the shirt we assume polyamide or simply plastic bag, then 2-3 tops and already a light trot will cause a large sweating. Immediately after going down with the weight of the complementary water izotonikiem.

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