Scientist, lecturer, biologist, biochemist, physiology of sport, author… and blogger. I have in my account a few scientific publications, including published in magazines from the list of Philadelphia (this is a list of indexed scientific journals with the highest substantive shelf). In addition, I constantly publish articles in sports magazines, among others in magazines.

Where did the idea on the blog?

Before I started working on the blog, for more than a dozen years angażowałem mainly in research projects in the field of biochemistry, biology and physiology. At the same time, regardless of the work of the scientist, I began to write in magazines on sports topics. Over time, the willingness to write and share knowledge became the idea of creating a blog.

What is this blog about?

You can find here an overview of many forms of physical training. I will also successively post a lot of interesting information from the world of Science of sports, dietary supplementation of athlete, etc. And all this will sometimes sprinkled my subjective performance assessment. Finally post this is the blogosphere.

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